Red Star Documentary: Call for Donations

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Fifty years ago, Peter Kantor made history escaping Communist Czechoslovakia by scuba-diving to freedom. He is the only known man to successfully escape this way during that time, leaving behind a wife and son who would flee after the Soviet Invasion of 1968 and rejoin him in the USA. Faced with oppression and unfathomable odds of survival, this is a one-in-a-million true story about love, determination, and the pursuit of freedom at any cost. We recently completed principal photography in Eastern Europe, and are now raising funds for post-production.

IN THE NEWS: The Red Star team co-produced an episode of Galaxy Confidencial with Time Warner Cable Deportes and the LA Galaxy. Our segment starts around the 9:00 minute mark and features midfielder Baggio Husidic. Special thanks to Mayra Azanza, Hipolito Gamboa, Carlos Betancourt, Joel Bengoa and Jorge Zaragoza of Time Warner Cable Deportes; Brendan Hannan, Chris Glidden, Vicky Mercado and Raul Vargas of LA Galaxy for making this possible.